When Arnt and Valerie Arntzen lived in California and Arnt started surfing he would always look for surf trophies in the thrift stores. Lots of golf and bowling but never a surf one. So of course he made one and they got a bunch of surfer friends together and started this club in 2009. The group goes every year and camps at Greenpoint, shares meals and surfs together. On one of the days is the contest and there is a trophy that one person gets their name on and keeps for a year.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Surfing 2013

Arnt and I missed the contest in 2012 as we were living in Amsterdam so we were so excited to be back in Tofino with the gang.   We caught the ferry with Dustin, Dori, Finn and Beckly for the two week camping trip.   One week at Greenpoint and one at Surf Junction.

camp up....surfer gone


Dolly & Bertrand in orange
Vincent the juggling chef
Dolly acknowledging the waves
Hula Girl - aka me
Arnt as Chef boy R Dude

the quiver
ready to hit the surf

judge's assistants
Dori the judge

Bertrand & Julien set up the apres surf bar
Sex on the Beach was on the menu

 Awwwwwww! to surfing

dancing girls at the bar
Finn with his new board

Am I having enough FUN?

Dustin styling the wetsuit
Judge Dori keeping an eye out for the great surf moves
Arnt's T shirt design
last year's winner Bertrand handing over the trophy

Arnt won by surfing backwards and standing on his head

our new trophy


Beckly checking her email
she made a break for the break

lots of stuff to discover

Vincent's long time friend and his daughter
Arnt teaching Annabella to skateboard

Jayne off for some solo time on the waves

sometimes we get fog

whittling up a marshmallow stick

Dustin delivering wood
camp set up for prties
the party
Dustin's office

the Harrison camp
kid's chillaxin

here's to the surf gods


brand new barbecue
taco night
hungry surfers
Julien and Mary-Claude having a taco off


Arnt gave Annabella her first board