When Arnt and Valerie Arntzen lived in California and Arnt started surfing he would always look for surf trophies in the thrift stores. Lots of golf and bowling but never a surf one. So of course he made one and they got a bunch of surfer friends together and started this club in 2009. The group goes every year and camps at Greenpoint, shares meals and surfs together. On one of the days is the contest and there is a trophy that one person gets their name on and keeps for a year.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Tofino Surf Contest 2015

Our 7th annual contest had us all camping at Greenpoint again so lots of visiting around the campfire and sharing of meals.  Salmon dinner, crepes, taco party and barbecues on the beach.  We were missing a few people for the contest but added a new friend named Anthony who immediately got into the groove of the whole thing.  We hope he comes back next year for sure.

Dori once again did her wonderful judging and everyone ended up with great prizes in their categories and our lovely Jayne took the trophy.  Well deserved as her surfing has come a long way.  My personal favourite ride of the day was Jayne riding with Vincent and Annabella on the same wave.  Congratulations to

Jayne from all of us.  Here are a few photos from this year.....

Arnt and I all set up for scrabble

Dori taking a break from it all with a book

Finn getting ready for road warrior games

Roland and Annabelle arriving in style

who will get the first ride on old red?

Finn and Beckly playing in the surf with kelp

judges tent ready to go

our flag is flying...let the games begin

Dori ready to catch all the action

Anthony our new contestant from Whistler/Toronto

Arnt and Anthony ready for the costume category

Roland and Annabelle as the Chef with the crab pot full

Annabelle loves her pot

Arnt as Black Bart

Owin as the Gnome

Hula Princess

Beckly as the Cat

Hula Princesses

Black Bart reciting poetry

Pipo Pixie

Trucker Anthony
 ....and then the family....
Annabella doing her acrobatics

The Mud Gang performance dance

the finale!

..no the final finale!

Dance category which the Gnome takes

Arnt and Vincent apres surf!

lining up for the group photo

2015 and another success

an improptu picnic in the woods

aaaaahhhhhh the prize!  Jayne's name to be added to the trophy

beach stuff and it still had air in it

tiniest starfish

Wya Point trail to Florencia Beach

tree fungus about 30 feet up in the air

I see why they are replacing the stairs
kelp on the beach

and off we go home until the next surf trip...thanks Uke and Tofino!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Well this year was the biggest with 10 surfers, 2 boogie boarders, 4 small fry, one judge Dori and one assistant judge Wendy.  The trophy was passed down from Arnt Arntzen to Annabella Zarow with her costume performance and board tricks kicking her out into the lead. 

Great costumes this year with the added bonus of a few performances and stories.  I think my personal favourite was Crusty the Crab. 

Thanks again to Dori for her hard work on judging and awarding people prizes for their water, team spirit, costume, etc skills. 

We are already looking forward to August 2015.  A practice session is brewing for the May long weekend 2015! 

 A few photos by Valerie, Arnt and Dori....

Beckly in Zany
Dori in Zany
Yum!  Barbecue at the beach
Arnt on the Q
Our dream camping set up
Ready Set Go!
The Dude Abides
Priscilla Queen of the surf
Crusty Crab
Wendy as Princess Neptune
  Bertrand with Froggy & the Ladybug
Judges warming up
Pirate and the Cat
Don't get wet paint on the Goddess of the Sea
Crusty and Pinky getting ready
Dude and Princess doing the beach dance
Stories by the Goddess
Let's see this on surf boards next year!
Crusty walking sideways
Froggy got the Ladybug
Jayne & Annabella showing their stuff

Dori and Wendy doing their best in the light fog that blew in.
It is over and now time for cocktails
Did Dustin have a cocktail?
always time for hula hooping
Team Strathcona
the team and the supporters
the Trophy!
taco party and award ceremony
Judge Dori getting her strength up for award ceremony
the tension builds! who won?
Arnt giving Annabella some advice on her honour
Good luck kid!
The prize is mine!
and back to surfing the rest of the week
mermaid by Jayne and Annabella
Sail Jelly Fish all over the place..in and out of the water...thousands!
nothing like a bath on the beach
or a sand bath
Arnt taking a moment in the sun at camp
Hector contemplating his surf moves for next year